Real Estate Lightroom Presets – Make Your Listings Stand Out!

The penetration of social media across most aspects of our lives has changed the buying and selling of everything in a number of ways. From grocery and furniture to apparel, everything is now being sold and bought through online mediums and social media. In this article we will discuss how real estate lightroom presets can improve your real estate business.

t was only a matter of time before the real estate sector would catch up to these paradigm shifts. Online listing has long been a thing; however, with the rise in the popularity of Instagram, that trend is only growing even more popular.

Photography is of tremendous significance when it comes to real estate. The photos of both the interior and exterior of houses have to be catchy and compelling enough for buyers to show interest in them. Taking such photographs requires just the perfect lighting conditions and meticulous editing skills. Earlier, you would have to sit through the editing phase for hours before you could achieve the perfect photograph to be put up with the listing.

Now, all you really need to do is use Adobe Lightroom. This tool allows you to use presets which are a collection of professional edits that make photographs look stunning and professionally edited. These presets offer great advantages to realtors in today’s increasingly technologically advanced buying and selling landscape.

How You Can Make Real Estate Listings Look Better With Lightroom Presets?

The listings rely heavily on the photographs that the realtor will put up. Lightroom presets can make these photographs bring out the best features of the property and highlight the architectural intricacies of the property’s designs.

The perfect picture requires numerous edits. The sun is never going to shine as per your needs when taking a picture; some pictures may be excessively dark, others will have white fading or excessive yellowness. Street photography presets can take care of all such undesirable and unwanted aspects of photographs taken on the street.

Color correction and photo clarification can be conveniently done while keeping the natural shades intact. Your clicks of the exteriors will look stunning and professionally done using this simple tool without even learning professional editing skills.

The pictures of the interior are equally important. The difficulties in capturing the perfect lighting, details, and textures are well known by everyone.

Real estate Lightroom presets specifically made for the indoor photography are immensely useful. You can add just the right amount of brightness and light up a gloomy interior to achieve the perfect picture for your listings all within a few clicks. The ease and the convenience that the tool offers the realtor is an obvious benefit. Instead of separately editing every post and every picture for the listing, you can edit entire batches in just a few clicks.

What Do The Stats Say?

There has been an increase in online activity by realtors in the recent past due to the changes over the year in how we interact with social media platforms and how we carry out buying and selling.

According to statistics, 7% of marketers believe that their social media efforts have been fruitful in getting their businesses more exposure.

Building awareness is key when it comes to the real estate sector and the Social Media Examiner survey tells us that increased exposure and subsequent increase in traffic is a major benefit of the social media use by marketers.

Statistics also reveal that 63% of marketers incorporate video content in social feeds and marketing efforts. Realtors have been increasingly making use of video content in their online feeds. The use of video home tours is quite prevalent now.

Most importantly, statistics have revealed that Instagram users are richer than users of other social media platforms. According to a survey by We Are Flint, 60% of internet users with yearly earnings of $100,000 and above used Instagram. It is no co incidence that realtors are now increasingly moving to Instagram as their preferred social media platform. Make sure you leverage your content with real estate lightroom presets.

60% of internet users with yearly earnings of $100,000 and above use Instagram.

How Can You Sell More Houses with Better Content?

Content is king they say and this couldn’t be more applicable than in the case of realtors taking to Instagram for their online listings.

Instagram is a powerful medium to get in touch and engage with the target audience for realtors. Since Instagram is photo and video oriented (which is the primary media that realtors use to attract clients), it suits them perfectly. Below are some of the ways they make use of their photo-centric feeds to attract business.

Making Connections

Connecting with people—both buyers and sellers—is a basic part of a realtor’s job to effectively serve as the intermediary in the entire real estate buying and selling process. People follow them and can DM them if they are putting out engaging content.

Hashtags and geo tags are the new SEO tools. Instagram users use hash tags to search for content and realtors generously make use of popular real estate hashtags in their content.


Building a trustful brand is imperative for a realtor. This is where Instagram really comes in handy. The photos and videos of your team meetings, open houses, parties, outings and successes help to engage the customer and invite them to invest in your journey.

Photos and videos do a compelling job when conveying emotions and nothing builds trust better than that. By doing so, realtors are able to get clients and potential clients involved in their journey.  

Behind the Scenes of Your Transaction

Behind the scenes footage involves people in your journey, builds trust, and increases your following faster than any other tactic.

Posting behind the scenes footage of home staging, videos of the challenges you face during open-houses, or the client finally receiving keys to their new home are all examples of compelling content that can help you build your brand.

Examples of Realtors Doing It Right

Matthew Sweat is a real estate agent as well a photographer who makes use of his photography to create compelling content on his Instagram page.

Zillow is another real estate platform doing it right when it comes to creating powerful content. Zillow creates captivating captions to engage with their followers.  

How Much Do Lightroom Presets Cost?

Adobe Lightroom is not expensive at all, especially given the value that you will derive from this small investment. It will cost you under $30.

Invest in Adobe Lightroom to make the most of the online mediums such as Instagram to increase your business as a realtor. Do let us know how you made your listings better by emailing us at