Professional photographers and Instagram influencers frequently use lightroom presets to edit their photos and give them that professional touch that sets them apart from the average Instagram user. But before we get into why sourcing your lightroom presets on Reddit is not a good idea, let’s first go over the basics.

What is a Lightroom Preset?

A Lightroom preset is a pre-arranged collection of the sliders that are available in Adobe Lightroom. In other words, it is a collection of various pre-arranged edits that you can apply to your photographs which can be conveniently saved and re-applied to other photographs later in Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo editing tool by Adobe that makes it all possible. It gives you, among other things, the freedom to generate custom filters that you can save and use for other photos later.

It is owing to these presets that you see many photographers or social media influencers have a certain overarching feel and color to their entire instagram feed. They’ve probably used a certain preset for all of their photos that they’ve put up.

The software by Adobe has been around for quite a long time. However, its newfound popularity is based largely on the rise of the social media influencers who frequently make use of the feature. Top that off with the fact that Adobe introduced the mobile version of this application, and it’s no surprise why so many influencers have suddenly started posting more creative pictures.

Presets allow users to save time as they are able to edit entire batches in a go. For example, you can edit a single image in a batch of 400 and save the desired settings to be applied to the next 399 pictures.

Furthermore, the next time you want the similar hint of grey and blue to your instagram feed, you can always go back to the preset that is saved in Adobe Lightroom to get the same effect. The live preview option saves you further time. You simply move the cursor over a certain Lightroom preset to see what the image would look like with any particular edit.

Who Uses Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are all the rage these days. Everyone from content creators, social media influencers, professional photographers, and even everyday Instagram users are making use of them to achieve that touch of professionalism in their posts and photographs. You can even think of it as an Instagram filter for professional photographers and instagram influencers these days.

Getting that one distinct shade and tone that was typical an influencer’s social feed used to take tremendous amounts of time and take hours of immaculate balancing and tweaking in the past. Now, it can be done in a matter of clicks.

Presets for Sale

Given how instrumental these preset edits can be in making a photo go from amateurish to professional, it comes as no surprise that the internet is full of companies as well as individual creators (photographers and influencers) selling these presets.

Maddy Corbin, a young instagram Influencer and lifestyle blogger, is one such example. She spent months trying out different shades, hues, and color schemes that were most representative of her brand. She now sells Lightroom presets that are primarily based on that distinct pastel-pink look that is typical of her own social feeds.

There are lightroom presets on Reddit and other websites available for free. However, as many social influencers and professional photographers will tell you, the entire idea of using a preset is to give it a distinct touch that is representative of your brand and creative process. This will not be possible with a free preset that everyone is making use of in their feeds. Besides, all good things cost a fortune and the ones that are selling it for a price are only able to do so because they have something unique to offer.

Furthermore, Lightroom Presets on Reddit is not the right place for you to be looking for them as the place is flooded with a plethora of opinions, often contrary, and you run the risk of being misled.

Most importantly, the free lightroom presets reddit has to offer were not made keeping your particular needs in mind, but that of the creator. You might need them for a completely different kind of photography than what the original creator made it for.

If you are someone just getting started with photography, using free presets can be quite tempting, but if you are really serious about your craft, we would suggest immersing in the art and creating your own presets. After all, all the famous influencers and photographers today did not get here by using the free presets.

Benefits of Unique Photography

You will only be able to create your own unique brand of photography if you have a distinct style. Taking the example of Maddy Corbin mentioned earlier, she was able to create her signature pink pastel preset after immersing herself truly and completely in the craft. She now sells her preset and her followers even use the hashtag “#MADDYCORBINPRESETS” which goes on to further strengthen her brand.

The distinct touch to your photos will help you grow tremendously as a brand and bring you more followers on social media. For an influencer, it is extremely important to have a consistently distinct touch to all their posts that is unique to their brand. Therefore, if you want to make it big as a photographer or an influencer yourself, you, too, should create your own unique presets.

The $10 per month package for photographers by Adobe Lightroom is essentially all you’ll need to get started with creating your own unique presets.

Make presets that represent your unique creative vision and style. The quick guide below will help you with the process:

  • Start off by uploading your photo to the Adobe Lightroom.
  • Make the edits that you feel are most representative of your brand’s personality and choose the shades accordingly.
  • Once you’re done with all the creative process, click the “Develop” module.
  • In the panel for the presets on the left, hit the “+” to make an addition to this list of presets.
  • Save the edits under a unique name for the new preset, and voila!

Now you’re all set to create powerful images and photos that will enhance your credentials as a photographer as well as help boost your social media influence. Shoutout us for how you made your feeds better by emailing us